Protecting his Love


Protecting his Love is live on Amazon for pre-order! Finally, on the 31st January, I get to share Ryder and Lexi’s story with you. This is book three in the His Love series, but can be read as a standalone.

Here is the description:

Ryder has known ever since he first laid eyes on Lexi that she would be his, but she was coming out of a messy divorce and then he was involved in a case that could have put her and her daughter Katie in danger, so he held back and bided his time.
Now, he’s returned home to find her crying on her porch because her ex-husband has started to cause trouble and he is using their daughter to hurt her.
Ryder steps in and decides it’s time he claimed his woman.
When dangers heads there way, Ryder intends to meet it head-on, because someone wants Lexi, and they will do anything to get her.



Buy it now for the special pre-order price of only 99p.

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I hope you enjoy it.

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M.J ❤


It’s nearly here. 

Unlikely love is out tomorrow! There is still time to get it at the special pre-order price of 99p/$1.23 on Amazon!

I’m so excited to share Scarlett’s story.

If you like Insta-lust, Insta-love and a whole lot of trouble then check it out.

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