Happy Times!

Wow, so its probably not very exciting to some, but I made 500 likes on my Facebook page! EEEEK!! When I started writing books I used to stick them in a drawer and forget about them, moving on to the next one and doing the same. I never thought I would actually publish any, but… Continue reading Happy Times!



So, yesterday while our youngest was asleep and the eldest was playing with her toys I figured I would try and write some of my work in progress. I was happily writing away when all of a sudden my characters, David and Chloe, decided now was the time they would have sex. Now, that's all well and good,… Continue reading Writing…



Her Mistake is currently 99p at Amazon for a little while. Here is a little snippet... If you don't like spoilers, look away now...   “I’m listening then Grace.” He said, his calm voice at odds with his tense body. Grace took a deep breath, and nodded. “I’m being stalked.” Jason raised his eyebrows. “Have… Continue reading Sale