Ryder W.I.P


I’ve been trying to write Ryder’s story for quite a while. He is hard work though, some days he doesn’t shut up and then other days he’s hiding somewhere and won’t speak to me!

Ryder is from the His Love series, he co-owns the security firm with David from Claiming his Love.

In Claiming his Love we meet Ryder and he confides in David that he has feelings for Lexi but hasn’t done anything about it because she was coming out of a bad divorce, and then he was working undercover so it wasn’t the time for them.

Well, now it is. EEK I’m so excited!

He’s quite a man. He’s gorgeous, alpha and sweet, though, only to Lexi and her daughter Katie. He’s dangerous, to the bad guys he goes after, and he would put his life on the line to protect his family and friends.

He is super awesome and probably the favourite of my book characters as he surprises me constantly.

Here is a little excerpt for you. (Unedited) Copyright belongs to me.

So you don’t go in to the story blind, Lexi’s ex husband has decided to keep their daughter Katie over night even though he should bring her back. Lexi is sat outside on her front porch upset.



“Shit.” I jumped so high I nearly spilled my now cold coffee.
Ryder walked out of the darkness by the side of my house and I watched as he walked up the steps and sat down next to me. He was so close I could feel his body heat which caused my whole body to fill with longing.

“You scared me,” I told him breathless from the fright and his closeness.

“Why are you crying?”

I sniffed. “I’m not.”

“I call bullshit Lex; I can see the tears on your face.”

“Oh.” I wiped my hand over my cheeks. “I’m just hormonal.” I lied. I wasn’t sure why I didn’t want to tell him, I guess I felt like a failure and I didn’t want him to think I was too.

“Don’t lie to me. You’re not very good at it. Tell me what’s upset you.” He demanded.

I sighed. “Julian just called to tell me he’s keeping Katie again instead of bringing her back tonight.”

“Keeping her? He acts like she’s a pet or a possession. Did you tell him he couldn’t?”

I bristled. Did I seem like a doormat to him? “Of course I did but he just hung up on me.”

“Do you want me to go with you to get her?” He asked in a gentler voice.

Did I? Hell yes, but it would make the situation worse. “It’s too late now; she’ll be getting ready for bed soon. I don’t want to disrupt her and I don’t think I’m feeling strong enough to take on Julian and Tammy right now.”

“I would go with you Lex and I wouldn’t let either of them hurt you.” I heard the truth in his words and it sent my insides soft. It’s tempting, so tempting to let him fight my battles but it wasn’t a good idea. Julian would find a way to cause me more trouble and god forbid that he think Ryder and I were more than friends, he would try and do anything to break us up; Julian didn’t like to think of me with other men even if he was the one who discarded me.

“Thank you. It means a lot that you’d do that but it’s fine. He’ll bring her home tomorrow like he said.” I hoped.

Ryder did

n’t look any more convinced than I was. “If you’re sure?”

“I am, honestly.”
He stared at me and my face grew hot, I wondered if he could see my red cheeks. “If you change your mind you only have to knock on my door.”

“I’ll do that. Thanks.”

He nodded.” What time is she supposed to be coming home tomorrow?”

“Five I’d guess.”

“If she isn’t here by half past come get me and we’ll go get her ourselves.”

Wow. “Ok, I will thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me, babe. Katie’s a good kid.”

“Yeah, she is.”

“That’s because she has a great mother.”

His compliment had me beaming and he smiled at me before bumping my shoulder with his. “Sweetheart, anytime I’m home and you need anything you just have to knock, you know that right?”

I smiled again touched by his kindness.

“Even when you’ve been crying you’re still fucking beautiful.” He brushed his thumb over my cheek catching a stray tear and grinned at me. My mouth dropped open in shock and he used his thumb to nudge it closed, his eyes shined with amusement. He got up and walked back the way he came and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. My sexy neighbour just called me beautiful, whether he meant it or he said it to cheer me up I didn’t care and the big smile on my face proved it.


I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into Ryder and Lexi’s relationship. Now, I’m off to finish their story.

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I’ve been reading Unlikely Love the last couple of days and I have fallen in love with James all over again.

Someone has left a review stating that he was very alpha and my first thought was, nah, he’s not, he’s a pussy cat, but reading through I realised she was right. He is bossy, he likes to take charge and he definitely likes his own way. I love that about him, I like that Scarlett knows where she stands with him almost from the first time they meet and even though he has his moments, he is always there for her.

Here is one of my favourite James moments:

James placed the hot chocolate in front of me after he’d put marshmallows on the top and I gratefully closed my hands around the cup with a sigh.

He looked over and raised his eyebrows in question.

“How did this happen?” I asked.

“This? Do you mean being here with me or your sister being a pain in the ass?”

“Both,” I said.

He sat down and spun my stool round to trap my knees in his open legs; the movement was a shock because it was so intimate.

“You’re here with me so I can keep you safe while Matt tries to track down your sister. You had a choice, and you chose me. Even if you change your mind you’re still staying with me, you should know that if I have to handcuff you to my bed to stop you from leaving, I will.”

As warnings go, that was a good one, too bad I kind of liked that idea. My body heated at the thought of being at his mercy and I looked down to hide the blush burning my face. The pleasure I knew he could give me had me excited and fearful at the same time and I knew it wouldn’t take much to become addicted to him. It wasn’t a normal reaction; if a stranger told you he was going to handcuff you to his bed if you tried to leave; you should run, not picture it and become aroused at the idea of being at his mercy. I ignored my thoughts to argue with him, stubborn to the end, I refused to let him see the power he had over me.

“That will never happen. If I want to leave, I will and there’s nothing you can do about it.” I taunted.

“Is that right? Well, it’s a moot point anyway because you’re not going anywhere.”

“I could stay with the detective; he gave me his number to ring if I need to.” 

“That won’t happen and if he turns up to take you home with him all he will walk away with is a broken nose.”

I gasped in shock. “He seemed like your friend, why would you hit him?”

“Because if he comes here for you he’ll be trying to take what’s mine and I don’t share, not even with Matt.”

James sure is bossy but he is sweet too:

“Anything you want. I’d give you the moon if you asked me for it. It wouldn’t be easy, but I’d find a way.”

I have so many more favourite lines and quotes, but many are spoilers and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

Read Unlikely Love on Amazon and Smashwords now, check out the links on my bookshelf.

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Claiming his Love excerpt


It’s the summer holidays and I’ve hardly had the time to write, but David and Chloe’s story is getting there slowly.

I’ll be extremely happy when I write The end  🙂

David is definitely a fun character to write about, he’s very much a man who knows what he wants and Chloe really keeps him on his toes. She isn’t a pushover and although she wants the same things he does, she doesn’t let him get away with bossing her about. Well, not much anyway…

Here is a little excerpt into the mind of David, Hope you enjoy!


I was sitting at the desk in my office looking out at the amazing view of the blue sky, the birds and the trees. It should have made me feel calm, it usually did, but calm was not how I felt right now. My fists actually hurt from clenching them so tightly and my teeth ached from all the grinding I was doing. I would try counting to ten but from experience, I knew it wouldn’t work. Ever since Chloe started working for me I’d had the same trouble keeping myself calm and under control. She’s my assistant, my nightmare, my wet dream queen. She drove me nuts, her attitude towards me would have had anyone else sacked by now but I couldn’t do it. I would never do it. The thought of not seeing her again made me feel sick. It didn’t matter how she acted or what she said to me I wanted her with a passion that scared the shit out of me. She was in my head all day and in my dreams at night. I couldn’t get away from her and if I was honest, I didn’t want to. Today she was more prickly than normal and I had no clue why, she was usually an open book, but there were secrets behind her pretty green eyes. Later, I’d have it out with her but right now I didn’t dare risk being alone with her because with the mood I was in I’d have her bent over my desk in a heartbeat. The urge to touch and kiss her had nearly overwhelmed me when we’d been arguing. I’d seen the fire in her eyes, she’d wanted me just as much as I wanted her even if she was too innocent to realise. At thirty-six it was time I settled down and as soon as I’d laid eyes on Chloe I’d known she would be my wife and the person I would spend the rest of my life with. She has no idea of the decision I’d made but she will. There will be no getting away from me now. My dad once told me that when he’d seen my mother he’d known she was his and I never really understood how he could be so sure with just one glance, but I knew now.

Chloe was mine, she will always be mine, and it was probably about time I showed her.


Claiming his Love is coming soon, real soon but if you’d like to meet David before then, he does feature in Blackmailing his Love. The book is stand alone and doesn’t need to be read in order to enjoy Claiming his Love, but you never know, you might enjoy it.

Here are the links for Blackmailing his Love:

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Unlikely Love is FREE!

Hey guys,

Unlikely Love is FREE from the 8th – 10th August.

Scarlett and James meet under complicated circumstances, made even worse by her sister Ruby who seems hell bent on stirring the pot. Scarlett is wary of James, but he knows exactly what he wants, and he wants her. Luckily she wants him too.

This story is about how 2 people can fall in love even with obsticles in their path.

Here is an excerpt of Scarlett meeting James for the first time…

I shook off my thoughts and looked towards the bar. My feet froze at the sight. The guy behind the bar wore a frown, but it didn’t stop me from thinking he was possibly the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. Not in a girly sense, this man was pure male; I could feel the testosterone coming off him in waves from where I stood. There was something almost mythical about him; his dark hair curled above the collar of his polo shirt begging to have my hands run through it and his green eyes, wow, they were so amazing I could lose myself in them.

The reason I came here slipped my mind, and I struggled to tear my gaze from his perfection. His lips looked so kissable I wondered how they’d feel pressed against mine, would he kiss me sweetly or would he ravage my lips taking them like he owned them?

He absolutely took my breath away. How could a man I’ve never seen before make me want him like this? I hurried to the bar hoping he hadn’t noticed my pause or the blush currently heating my cheeks. His eyes assessed me and his voice when he spoke was husky and oh so sexy it caused my whole body to shiver in longing.

Thanks for reading,

M.J ❤


David’s Story…

Finally, I’ve decided on a name for David and Chloe’s story. Because we first met him in Blackmailing his Love, I decided to add his story to the series – His Love

So its going to be called-  Claiming his Love

David is a bit bossy, a whole lot alpha and always wants his way so this name is perfect for his and Chloe’s story. Don’t believe me , here’s an excerpt…

(Unedited) Copyright belongs to me.

“Open your eyes.” He ordered.

I hesitated and he squeezed my chin hard, but not painfully. I got the message. When I opened them I gasped at how close he was. I could feel his breath on my mouth and I’ve never felt so aroused. His blue eyes weren’t as blue as I’d thought, this close I could see tiny flecks of brown. My eyes dropped to his firm lips remembering how they’d felt on mine. I heard him groan and my eyes flicked back to his.

“The way you look at me…” he trailed off. “I was going to give you more time but fuck it, you’re mine. Everyone knows it but you.”


“You heard me Chloe, I’m through dancing around. I tried to ease you into a relationship with me, I was willing to go slow and let you get used to me but I’m not waiting any longer.”

“You’re not waiting any longer?” I parroted.

He studied my face, saw my confusion.

“I’ve shocked you.”

“You only kissed me an hour ago.”

“I’ve wanted you since you started working here nearly a year ago.”

Wow. I couldn’t be more surprised. “I’ve liked you since then too.” I admit. I don’t like games and I’m not experienced enough to play them anyway.

“I know.”

I blushed. “It was obvious?”

“To me, yes.”

“I never in my wildest dreams expected this.”

“Here is what’s going to happen. We’re going to date, we’ll go for dinner, to the cinema, all the normal things couples do. Then you’re moving in with me.”

“What?” I almost screeched.

He ignored my outburst. “Once you’re comfortable with me we’ll get married and start a family. How do you feel about two kids?”

I’m so excited for you all to read this, hopefully I’ll have it finished soon!

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