Signed Paperback Giveaway!!

Hi, I'm giving away a signed paperback copy of Blackmailing his Love. Callie and Alex were in love… Until they weren’t. Six months ago Alex broke my heart. Giving me no explanations, he kicked me out of his life. I hoped I would never have to see him again, but now he’s back, standing on… Continue reading Signed Paperback Giveaway!!


Book cover competition.

Hi everyone, I need your help. My book cover for Protecting his Love has been nominated for cover of the month at All Author. Please will you vote for me? I would be forever grateful! You don't even have to sign up,  you just need to press the vote button under my book. Here is… Continue reading Book cover competition.


Book Link Updates

Hey, As promised I've updated all the book links on my bookshelf. You can either click on the Bookshelf heading on my WordPress page or you can use this link- and it will take you right to it. Happy reading, M.J ❤