To write or not to write.


I will apologise in advance for my little rant. Sorry.

As an author it can be quite a battle to get your work out there so people can read it. You not only worry over whether you are good enough or whether your book is exciting and people will enjoy it, but also if you’ll get reviews because lets face it, reviews, good or bad sell books.

I’ve noticed an increase of pirated copies of all my books lately, popping up on a lot of different websites. (Thank you Blasty!) If the download numbers are to be believed then some have been downloaded over 100 times, while I’m upset that people are reading my books for free, I’m also a bit proud that someone thought that people would enjoy them enough to want to pirate them!

But, the fact is, its another reason why a lot of authors decide to give it up or why it can take so long for the next book in the series to come out because it can make the author lose hope.

Anyway, instead of getting annoyed about it, I’m going to do something positive. From now until Christmas I’m going to put each of one my books up for free on Amazon. If you’ve been waiting to read one or all of them then keep an eye out.

First off, it will be Claiming his Love, this is a stand alone in the His Love series. It has mixed reactions on Goodreads, why not make up your own mind.

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~ Book Two in the His Love series~

Chloe has been David’s personal assistant for nearly a year, and she’s been in love with him for just as long. Not having the confidence to tell him, she’s kept her feelings to herself.
One day, things change between them and suddenly she is faced with a bossy, alpha male who knows what he wants, and he wants her.


I loved writing David and Chloe’s story, they are so loving and he is so protective. Their book will be free from the 11th- 13th November. Enjoy.

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I’ve been reading Unlikely Love the last couple of days and I have fallen in love with James all over again.

Someone has left a review stating that he was very alpha and my first thought was, nah, he’s not, he’s a pussy cat, but reading through I realised she was right. He is bossy, he likes to take charge and he definitely likes his own way. I love that about him, I like that Scarlett knows where she stands with him almost from the first time they meet and even though he has his moments, he is always there for her.

Here is one of my favourite James moments:

James placed the hot chocolate in front of me after he’d put marshmallows on the top and I gratefully closed my hands around the cup with a sigh.

He looked over and raised his eyebrows in question.

“How did this happen?” I asked.

“This? Do you mean being here with me or your sister being a pain in the ass?”

“Both,” I said.

He sat down and spun my stool round to trap my knees in his open legs; the movement was a shock because it was so intimate.

“You’re here with me so I can keep you safe while Matt tries to track down your sister. You had a choice, and you chose me. Even if you change your mind you’re still staying with me, you should know that if I have to handcuff you to my bed to stop you from leaving, I will.”

As warnings go, that was a good one, too bad I kind of liked that idea. My body heated at the thought of being at his mercy and I looked down to hide the blush burning my face. The pleasure I knew he could give me had me excited and fearful at the same time and I knew it wouldn’t take much to become addicted to him. It wasn’t a normal reaction; if a stranger told you he was going to handcuff you to his bed if you tried to leave; you should run, not picture it and become aroused at the idea of being at his mercy. I ignored my thoughts to argue with him, stubborn to the end, I refused to let him see the power he had over me.

“That will never happen. If I want to leave, I will and there’s nothing you can do about it.” I taunted.

“Is that right? Well, it’s a moot point anyway because you’re not going anywhere.”

“I could stay with the detective; he gave me his number to ring if I need to.” 

“That won’t happen and if he turns up to take you home with him all he will walk away with is a broken nose.”

I gasped in shock. “He seemed like your friend, why would you hit him?”

“Because if he comes here for you he’ll be trying to take what’s mine and I don’t share, not even with Matt.”

James sure is bossy but he is sweet too:

“Anything you want. I’d give you the moon if you asked me for it. It wouldn’t be easy, but I’d find a way.”

I have so many more favourite lines and quotes, but many are spoilers and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

Read Unlikely Love on Amazon and Smashwords now, check out the links on my bookshelf.

Check it out here on Goodreads

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Claiming his Love


Claiming his Love is up for pre-order right now!

Finally, I finished David and Chloe’s story and it will be in your hands on the 22nd September!

I loved writing this story, I loved how David is super sweet, but also a hard ass when he needs to be and how Chloe just goes with the flow.

Get it here-

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Amazon US:

Blackmailing his Love, the first book in the His Love series is currently 99p or free on kindleunlimited if you want to read it. It doesn’t need to be read to enjoy David’s story though.


As always, thanks for reading.


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Claiming his Love excerpt


It’s the summer holidays and I’ve hardly had the time to write, but David and Chloe’s story is getting there slowly.

I’ll be extremely happy when I write The end  🙂

David is definitely a fun character to write about, he’s very much a man who knows what he wants and Chloe really keeps him on his toes. She isn’t a pushover and although she wants the same things he does, she doesn’t let him get away with bossing her about. Well, not much anyway…

Here is a little excerpt into the mind of David, Hope you enjoy!


I was sitting at the desk in my office looking out at the amazing view of the blue sky, the birds and the trees. It should have made me feel calm, it usually did, but calm was not how I felt right now. My fists actually hurt from clenching them so tightly and my teeth ached from all the grinding I was doing. I would try counting to ten but from experience, I knew it wouldn’t work. Ever since Chloe started working for me I’d had the same trouble keeping myself calm and under control. She’s my assistant, my nightmare, my wet dream queen. She drove me nuts, her attitude towards me would have had anyone else sacked by now but I couldn’t do it. I would never do it. The thought of not seeing her again made me feel sick. It didn’t matter how she acted or what she said to me I wanted her with a passion that scared the shit out of me. She was in my head all day and in my dreams at night. I couldn’t get away from her and if I was honest, I didn’t want to. Today she was more prickly than normal and I had no clue why, she was usually an open book, but there were secrets behind her pretty green eyes. Later, I’d have it out with her but right now I didn’t dare risk being alone with her because with the mood I was in I’d have her bent over my desk in a heartbeat. The urge to touch and kiss her had nearly overwhelmed me when we’d been arguing. I’d seen the fire in her eyes, she’d wanted me just as much as I wanted her even if she was too innocent to realise. At thirty-six it was time I settled down and as soon as I’d laid eyes on Chloe I’d known she would be my wife and the person I would spend the rest of my life with. She has no idea of the decision I’d made but she will. There will be no getting away from me now. My dad once told me that when he’d seen my mother he’d known she was his and I never really understood how he could be so sure with just one glance, but I knew now.

Chloe was mine, she will always be mine, and it was probably about time I showed her.


Claiming his Love is coming soon, real soon but if you’d like to meet David before then, he does feature in Blackmailing his Love. The book is stand alone and doesn’t need to be read in order to enjoy Claiming his Love, but you never know, you might enjoy it.

Here are the links for Blackmailing his Love:

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