Writing, or at least trying to…

Trying to write when you have a cutie little baby who wants mummy cuddles all the time is like trying to make a coffee in a chocolate mug- you really want it to work but it just isn’t happening! I’m not complaining, I love my cuddles but I have all these people in my head wanting out and its getting loud so I’ve now filled a notebook of ideas and have to go and buy a new one.

Anyway, I have news, I have a book coming out on the 10th April and I’m really excited about it.

Unlikely Love is one of the first books I wrote. I loved getting to know the characters and seeing them become who they are.

Scarlett is a strong woman, she’s had to be with all the trouble her sister Ruby has caused her, but when she meets James she instantly realises that he could be the one person she can lean on when she needs too.

James is strong too, an alpha male who knows what he wants and makes sure he gets it but he has vulnerabilities which pop up at a bad time and cause a misunderstanding.

They both know how they feel about each other but they both kind of fight it while going head first into it and it was fun writing their story.

Pre-order now for a special price of 99p

I hope whoever reads it, enjoys it just as much as me.

Thanks for reading,


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Her Mistake

Her Mistake is going on sale in the UK for 99p on the 2nd March so I thought I would add a little excerpt here, and let you see what Grace and Jason are like.


Grace leant in close to Jason’s face. “I was not a coward.” She bit out through clenched teeth.

“Yes you were.”

“You bastard!” She lifted her hand up intending to smack his stupid face, but he gripped her wrist before she could make contact and dragged her into his lap.

“That wouldn’t be a good idea.” He informed her.

Grace tried to struggle out of his grip but his arms were too strong for her. She let her body go limp instead and looked into his face. He looked enraged but there was also something else in his eyes, something she couldn’t read.

They stared at each other in silence and then suddenly their lips met. She didn’t know who’d made the first move, and it didn’t matter. He wasn’t gentle; his lips bruised her soft ones, and he nipped sharply at her bottom lip making her gasp. He used that moment to slip his tongue inside her mouth causing her to groan softly, it was like they’d never been apart.

Jason heard her groan, and he pulled away to look at her, her eyes were dazed and he felt triumph that he could still do that to her, her breath was coming out in little pants of air just like his.

He pushed her off his lap carefully until she sat next to him and he adjusted his cock; he was so hard he worried he would bear the mark of his zipper for a long time. She still looked dazed and the temptation to kiss her again was strong, it was just like he remembered.

Grace lifted her fingers and pressed them to her still tingling lips. She felt like she was in shock. The kiss blew her wits straight out of her brain and she was struggling to find words.

“That shouldn’t have happened.” She whispered.

“Yes it should have and if I hadn’t pulled away when I did it would have gone much further than a kiss.”

Grace blushed. He was right, she couldn’t deny that. Her panties felt damp and her nipples were rock hard. No one had ever had this effect on her. Not that she’d been interested in finding out; she’d stayed away from all men, never letting her guard down enough to even be friends with them. After she started getting stalked, she didn’t know if they were her stalker or not and she didn’t take the chance to find out.

She’d forgotten about Peter, she looked around for him.

“He left when we started kissing. He knows what we used to be like; we could never keep our hands off each other.”

Grace swallowed. She couldn’t deny that either. They’d had an active sex life. Jason had been her first, and he’d taught her how to please them both and she’d been a willing student.

“We’ll pick this up later once we’ve made plans. We’ll have more time to enjoy it.”

She stiffened. Was that all he wanted, sex?

“And if I don’t agree?”

“You will. You’ve never been able to say no to me.” He smirked.

“I will this time; I’m not having sex with you.”

“You will and it won’t just be once. We’ll keep doing it until you remember you belong to me and then I’ll make sure you will never forget again.”

“What?” Grace gasped.

“You belong to me like I belong to you. You may have been gone a while, but that hasn’t changed.”

“I belong to you?” She whispered.

“Yes baby. Unless you’re going to tell me there is someone else?”

“Of course not,” She denied.

“Not for me either.”

“Have you…. I mean did you…” Grace trailed off. She wanted to know, but she didn’t think she had the right to ask him.

“No Grace, no one at all.”

That shocked her. Jason was a very sexual person, and he hasn’t slept with anyone since her? Could she believe it?


“Do you want the truth?”

Grace nodded.

“At first I was too pissed off and hurt that you’d left. I threw myself into work and didn’t come up for air for a long time and when I decided it was time to move on, I found I couldn’t look at another woman without thinking of you. It pissed me off even more and I just stopped looking.”

“Oh.” She thought about how hurt and how worried he must have been and she felt so ashamed. Running away had been the wrong thing to do, but she wanted the chance to make amends. She didn’t have the nerve to ask Jason to forgive her, she didn’t deserve that right now, she wasn’t sure if she deserved it at all.

“What about you?”

That was simple to answer. “No man was you.”

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First look at Unlikely Love

I’ve been working on Unlikely Love tonight and I thought I’d post a little excerpt…

Hope you enjoy.

Chapter One  Scarlett

It’s my first Friday night off in months and I’d planned on catching up on TV shows and eating my way through a tub of ice cream. Instead, I’m traipsing around town looking for my unbelievably annoying trouble-magnet of a younger sister Ruby. If I wasn’t so worried about her, I’d want to wring her scrawny neck. Ever since our parents died in a car accident ten years ago, I’ve been looking after her, trying to be a sister and a parent. We’d moved in with our Gran and were lucky to have a great relationship with her but Ruby was non-stop trouble. I’m not sure if she looks for it or if she’s just unlucky and it finds her, but it’s a constant struggle to help her stay out of it. Tonight is the worse yet though. I’d come home to find a message on my answer machine, the man’s voice, deep, rough and the creepiest I’ve ever heard and definitely one I’d pay good money never to hear again. The message he left was a clear one, either Ruby dropped off the money she owed him at the usual place or things will get broken. It didn’t take a genius to work out he means her bones. I’d picked up my phone to call the police, but I hadn’t even dialled the first digit before I’d placed it back in the cradle. What if she’s got herself mixed up in something dangerous? She could go to prison and no matter how much grief she’s caused I didn’t want that. So instead I’d grabbed my keys and headed straight back out the door to search for her before whoever wanted to hurt her found her first. I had to find her quick, and that’s how I found myself standing outside Harrison’s, a bar I’ve never been to before but one I’d heard Ruby mention a few times, it’s also my last place to check. No one has seen her and her friends are no help so I really hope she’s here.

Pushing open the heavy door I walked inside, the place is pretty crowded; if Ruby is here, I don’t think I would see her. I wish I’d asked Sarah to come with me. We’ve been best friends for so long I can’t remember a time we weren’t and she would have been here for support if I’d asked her. I hadn’t though because every time I bailed my sister out Sarah lectured me about letting Ruby sort her own messes out and the conversation always ended the same with her being frustrated that I won’t cut my sister from my life like she thinks I should. She’s only looking out for me and I love her for it but sometimes I need support from her, not a lecture. Ruby is my family, the only family I have since Gran died and I won’t give up on her.

I shook off my thoughts and looked towards the bar. My feet froze for a second at the sight. The guy behind the bar wore a frown, but it didn’t stop me from thinking he was possibly the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. Not in a girly sense, this man is pure male; I could feel the testosterone coming off him in waves from where I stood. There was something almost mythical about him; his dark hair curled above the collar of his polo shirt begging to have my hands run through it and his eyes, wow, they’re so amazing I could lose myself in them.

For a second the reason I’m here slipped my mind, and it’s a struggle to tear my gaze from his perfection. His lips looked so kissable I wondered how they’d feel pressed against mine, would he kiss me sweetly or would he ravage my lips taking them like he owned them? He absolutely took my breath away. How could a man who I’ve never seen before make me want him like this? I hurried to the bar hoping he hadn’t noticed my pause or the blush currently heating my cheeks. His eyes assessed me and his voice when he spoke was husky and oh so sexy it caused my whole body to shiver in longing.



Copyright M.J. Perry



As of right now I’ve published two books. Blackmailing his Love and Her Mistake. I wrote them quite a while ago and only recently found the courage to publish them, mainly thanks to my husband who kept telling me there is no point writing if I won’t let anyone read them.

They’re both romance books. I love romance, I love knowing I’m going to have a happy ending even if the characters are mean to each other, and I couldn’t see myself writing any other genre.  I really enjoyed writing them, getting to know the characters and seeing the story take off but it’s scary having them out there now for people to read. Hopefully they’ll enjoy them as much as I do. 

Both books are in kindle unlimited and Blackmailing his Love is currently only 99cents in the US for a limited time.