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His Love Series


blackmailing his love final cover

Title: Blackmailing his Love


Callie and Alex were in love… Until they weren’t.

Six months ago Alex broke my heart. Giving me no explanations, he kicked me out of his life.
I hoped I would never have to see him again, but now he’s back, standing on my doorstep telling me I owe him and that he’s come to collect.
I should hate him after what he did to me, but I don’t.

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claiming his love final cover

Title: Claiming his Love


Chloe has been David’s personal assistant for nearly a year, and she’s been in love with him for just as long. Not having the confidence to tell him, she’s kept her feelings to herself.
One day, things change between them and suddenly she is faced with a bossy, alpha male who knows what he wants, and he wants her.

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Title: Protecting his Loveprotecting his love final cover


Ryder has known ever since he first laid eyes on Lexi that she would be his, but she was coming out of a messy divorce and then he was involved in a case that could have put her and her daughter Katie in danger, so he held back and bided his time.
Now, he’s returned home to find her crying on her porch because her ex-husband has started to cause trouble and he is using their daughter to hurt her.
Ryder steps in and decides it’s time he claimed his woman.
When danger heads their way, Ryder intends to meet it head-on, because someone wants Lexi, and they will do anything to get her.

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Standalone Books

Unlikely Love final cover

Title: Unlikely Love


I’m used to bailing my sister Ruby out of trouble, but this time I’m completely out of my depth.
One night while out looking for her, I find James instead.
He’s a bossy, sexy and arrogant man who takes it upon himself to protect me and keep me safe.
I’m not complaining because with my sister intent on making things worse I need his help, but my feelings for him confuse me and even as I’m worrying for my sisters safety as well as my own, I cant stop thinking about how it would feel to have him kiss me.
I’ve never believed in love at first sight, but I think I’ve just been proved wrong…

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her mistake final cover

Title: Her Mistake


Grace left behind the one person she loved most in the world to protect him and it worked.
Jason was unhurt, but her life got much more complicated.
Knowing she needed help with the man stalking her she returned home to ask Jason for help, desperate to get her life back.
She knew it would be hard facing him again after she’d left, but she hadn’t realised how much it would hurt her when he didn’t trust her word. Earning his forgiveness would take time, but with her stalker on the loose she wasn’t sure how much time she had left.

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Her Vampire Love final cover

Title: Her Vampire Love


~As soon as he saw her enter the club, he knew he had to have her.~

One look was all it took to tell Dexter she was his mate and nothing was going to stop him claiming her, not even Georgina herself.
She needed a man to worship her, to take control, and punish her when she deserved it, but most importantly she needed a man to love her. It was a good job he planned to do that and more.
By the end of the night, Georgina would be his and she would never want for anything again.


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Title: Regretful Revenge   regretful cover 3 fav


Zara and Derek used to be close. Zara had thought that if she told him she was in love with him, he would tell her he felt the same.
Instead, he threw her away from him as if she was contaminated.
Two years later, Zara’s brother Adrian has risked their family business, and he needs Derek’s help to save it. Zara goes to a meeting with Derek in her brother’s place to request his help, hoping time had erased the bad feeling between them, but it doesn’t go to plan and soon she finds herself forced into a situation she doesn’t want, all in the name of revenge.

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