New Release

Her Vampire Mates is LIVE!!

Read Janey’s story and find out how two vampires claim her for their own.




Janey met Xavier and Zack at her best friend’s wedding.
As soon as she saw the two gorgeous men she’d thought about how beautiful their children would be.
She knew she was too plain for them to notice her, but suddenly she found herself standing between them as they silently claimed her as their own.

Xavier and Zack weren’t looking to share a mate, but when Janey shows up in Zack’s dream they know they’ve found the one for them both. If only there wasn’t someone out there trying to tear them apart.  



One minute I was helping my best friend Georgina get ready to marry the man she loves, feeling happy for her, but also a tiny bit jealous, and the next, here I was standing between Xavier and Zack worrying that any second they were going to attack each other.

I’d met them both for the first time today, both of them intrigued me, but just from looking at them I’d known I didn’t have a chance with either of them.

I’m blonde, blue eyed and ordinary. No way would these gorgeous men even look twice at me.

Well, that’s what I’d thought until this moment when I heard Zack growl the word mine. Suddenly, I found myself crowded between them. Xavier did not seem pleased with Zack. I was about to ask him what was wrong when the air around us thickened. It felt like I was choking, I couldn’t breathe properly. I looked up and caught Xavier’s eyes; they burned into mine, trapping me in his gaze.  A light touch landed on my shoulder and I turned my head to face Zack. He wore the same intense look that Xavier did and it alarmed me.

“Everything will be fine, Janey.” Xavier breathed.

“We need to leave, right now.” Zack said over my head to him.

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Happy weekend,

M.J. ❤




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