My Favourite book

I was recently asked which one of my books I enjoyed writing the most. Instantly, I said “none, I love them all equally.”
But, if I had to pick one it would be Blackmailing his Love.
Alex and Callie’s story is special.
Their love for one another is tested a few times, but they find their way back to each other. It is a story of hope, one I know a lot of people wish could be their own story.
We don’t always get a second chance at love.
Alex is a massive jerk when we first meet him and Callie is far too hurt to deal with him.
Check him out in action…
“What are you doing here?” I asked. My voice sounded normal considering my heart was in my throat.
“Callie, I’m here because you owe me, and it’s time for me to collect.”
It did not happen often, but I was speechless. I blinked at him in shock. How could he possibly think I owed him anything after he had treated me lower than the dirt on his shoes?
He smiled at my silence, seeming to enjoy my shock and the smile reminded me of a shark getting ready to attack its prey. “What’s the matter, baby? Aren’t you at all interested in what I want?”
“It doesn’t matter what you want because I’m not doing anything for you. I think you should leave.” I wasn’t sure where my courage came from, especially with the dark expression that graced his face, but I was glad of it. He acted as if I hadn’t opened my mouth and carried on talking.
“I need a wife and you are perfect for the job.” He said it so matter of fact I nearly laughed. He needed a wife, was he mad?
“You need a wife and you think I’m perfect for the job?” I asked in disbelief.
“A perfect slut,” He rasped, and I stiffened in anger, or was it hurt? Either way, tears began to fill my eyes. There was no way I would ever let him see me cry again. I walked into my kitchen and grabbed a glass off the side before running the tap and filling it with water. Anything to use as a distraction so I didn’t give in to the pain his words had caused me. His footsteps followed me and when he was close, I heard a rough sigh pass his lips.
He does redeem himself, or at least I think he does.
If I have sparked your curiosity then the buy links are below:
What is your favourite book that you’ve written or have read?
I’d love to hear it.
Thanks for reading,
M.J ❤

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  1. I enjoyed this book too!

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