New Book


I’ve been working on Janey’s story and its finally up for pre-order and will be released on the 1st June.

Her Vampire Mates is the second book in the Vampire Love series and centres around Janey who is Georgina’s best friend.

She is a little shy, a little doubtful of herself and it takes two vampire men to show her just how amazing she really is. Xavier and Zack are dominant, very alpha and know exactly what they want. They wont take no for an answer.

This story is a short, fast paced romance with insta-love, insta-lust and sexy times.


Janey met Xavier and Zack at her best friend’s wedding.
As soon as she saw the two gorgeous men she’d thought about how beautiful their children would be.
She knew she was too plain for them to notice her, but suddenly she found herself standing between them as they silently claimed her as their own.
Xavier and Zack weren’t looking to share a mate, but when Janey shows up in Zack’s dream they know they’ve found the one for them both. If only there wasn’t someone out there trying to tear them apart.


Here are the buy links: Amazon UK Amazon US Amazon CA


You don’t need to read Her Vampire Love to enjoy Her Vampire Mates, but if you want to meet Janey before her story then I suggest you do. Its free to read on kindle unlimited.

Thanks for reading,

M.J ❤




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